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What Is Heater's Heroes?

Heater’s Heroes is an annual charity event in honour of the late Robert “Heater” Lavelle who throughout his life was dedicated to helping local children in need. Mike Strange was a great friend of Heaters and considered him a mentor, so to continue Heaters legacy Mike founded Heater’s Heroes in 2011. Heater’s Heroes mandate is to help local children in need (The Heroes) now, today, with the help, support, and generosity of the local community and businesses. Come join us and show these great kids your support.


This Year's Heater's Heroes

This year Heater’s Heroes includes children in need from all over the Niagara Region. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to these children in need and Heater’s Heroes partner Heartland Forest who play a significant role in supporting Niagara Region’s children.